The Owners of Kissa KoreHere (Japanese traditional style Cafe) have over 25 years of experience in the Tourism Industry, and have a truly detailed knowledge of Kyoto, as well as all of Japan.
If you do enjoy a relaxing coffee or two at Kissa KoreHere, and then want to get some advice on what to do while in Kyoto (or the rest of Japan) we would be happy to provide the needed information.
With our help and advise you will be able to go beneath the surface of “just visiting” Kyoto and be let in on some of the more cultural and deeper areas of Kyoto. It is a plan like this that leaves memories forever.
Think of Kissa KoreHere as a base for you, and from here you can plan the following days activities or movements, all while enjoying the atmosphere of a Traditional Kyoto Style Machiya House.
From anything small to big, we would be happy to offer you advice, so don’t hesitate to simply walk in to our unique cafe, and let us know want you need.

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そして喫茶コレヘレを皆様にとっての “京都のベース” と考えて頂ければ幸いです。このベースから京都での観光計画や行動を一緒に考えてみませんか?京町屋のユニークな雰囲気を味わいながら想い出に残る過ごし方を計画して下さい。