From the early days of 2020 and even throughout 2021, Covid19 has had a great impact on our daily lives, and it was during this difficult period we started the concept of “Cafe KoreHere”. With over 20 years of knowing each other and practically able to read each other inside and out, we considered on what we possible provide back to the community, and came up with the idea of offering “A special space” for people to use for not only for work or study, but also a space for people to refresh and detox. This is how Cafe KoreHere eventuated.

As we hear words like Working from Home, Telework, Workation(work-vacation), Breisure (Business-leisure), online lesson, are becoming part of everyone’s everyday lives, more and more, it is a fact that people are putting distance from their work/study place and spending more time at home. Sometimes days on day without personal contact with other people. It is this kind of dilemma which leads to inefficiency and a general lack of motivation. It is also not good for social skills (laugh).
To boost efficiency and offer a change of pace, we are seeing people take advantage of the new style of Workation (Work while on vacation) and Breisure(Go on business trips and then take time for leisure after business is done). But this often means you need to pay a lot of money, and many people aren’t in the environment were annual leave is easy to come by, so it is not an option for everyone.

For people who are working or studying at home, for people that need a bit of refreshment from their closed doors, or for people who want to create an extra hour or two after work or study is done, how would you like to come to Cafe KoreHere and either work, study or relax in a different environment than usual and take that needed big breath.

Kissa KoreHere will try to offer that special location to you, so that you can detox your mind and hit that reset button. We aim to be a place that anyone can casually come to, and try to become something close to your second home.

Japanese Style Cafe KoreHere
29-11 Nishimachi Imashinzaike Nakagyo-ku ,Kyoto city (In Japanese) 京都市中京区今新在家西町29-11

Opening Hours : 10:00am – 5pm
     Closed :   Monday, and every second Saturday and fourth Sunday of the month
Seats : 7 seats on the 1st floor, and 7 seats on the second floor.
Kissa KoreHere is a non-smoking establishment.

November, 2021